Zmiany w pracy BIG

Changes-in-the-labor-BIGMinistry of Economy reported the draft amendments to the Law on the provision of business information. With the amendment of the regulations, BIG would improve work through mutual strengthening cooperation. Through the exchange of information and standardize an application to BIG, this solution will help modernize the work of the authorities, as well as significantly improve the comfort of cooperation with a potential client.


As reported by the portal Business Pulse , a change in the law implies, inter alia, to create a database in which offices will post information about the Client. But there will be accompanied by the creation of a scoring model, so that will be a streamlined flow of information between institutions. To date, customer have to put questions in each of the bases in osobna- National Bureau of Economic Information, Register of Debtors ERIF, BIG InfoMonitorze and the National Debt Register.


Modification przepsiów make only one customer submits a request, the cost of which would be for the amount of 30 zł. This solution also has the Economic Information Office and the objections raised exclusively regulated fee. It should also be noted that the database BIG-s will be enriched with your Social Security number, ID and CEIDG. Information on administrative fees and taxes, they can also transfer the US, Social Security and Farmers.

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Author: I. Kaczmarek / Kredito24 Photo: Konstantin Gastmann /