Wzrost znaczenia przemysłu

Data published in the latest report of the Institute of the German Economy (IW) that the importance of industry in Poland has increased. Our country is one of the few (along with the Netherlands and Germany) recorded positive growth in this area, reports the portal www.finanse.wp.pl .

Associated with German research institute analyzed the employers share of industry in the creation of gross domestic product in countries belonging to the European Union. At the same time the head of the institution, M. Huether warned against increasingly progressive de-industrialization in Europe.

An example given was the UK, where it is difficult to cope with persistent for a long time without a strong global crisis, the sector producing goods.

Experts stress that the objective of the EU is to increase to one-fifth of the share of industry in GDP in the EU compared to the end of 2020. At the moment, the figure is 16%. According to economists, the development of the industry can significantly help in putting Europe on the path of steady and sustainable growth.

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Author: H.Mikulska / Kredito24 Photo: R.Sturm / Pixelio.de