Ważna informacja dla Klientów banku BZWBK

In the next weeekend BZ WBK bank customers will not be able to access their e-banking – the portal www.wp.pl . A break in activity is due to the implementation works, which will take place from Friday to Sunday.

Work will start on Friday at 23:00 and will last until noon on Sunday. Therefore, there will be the following difficulties: the balance available in BZ WBK24 will correspond to an April 19, the transactions made with BZ WBK24, including by using Przelewy24 will be settled on 21 April after 12 o’clock.

In connection with intermittent work BZ WBK may also be delays associated with posting the loans granted by Kredito24 customer accounts. This is not related to the activities of our site and completely beyond our control. Clients of BZ WBK bank would like to apologize for the strongest possible delays and ask for patience in waiting for the impact of cash.

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Author: H. Mikulska / Kredito24 Photo: J.Bork / Pixelio.de