W Polsce inwestuje coraz więcej zagranicznych przedsiębiorstw!

In-Poland-investing-getting-more-foreign-enterprisesIn a recent ranking prepared by Cushman & Wakefield, Poland was among 13 countries in terms of the most attractive business location produkcyjnej.Kryteria that were taken into consideration include business risk, labor costs and the cost of sustained energy.

Among European countries before the Polish were taken by only Switzerland, Turkey and Russia. In the ranking of the first places were Asian countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, China, or Thailand.

It turns out that more and more companies decide to transfer their business to Polish. Although other Central and Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania are competing with the Polish for gaining new investors that Poland is increasingly becoming a place for new investments of foreign companies.

As reported by the portal biztok.pl , exemplified by the American company Polaries Industries, which has decided to open its factory in Opole.

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Author: I. Kaczmarek / Kredito24 Photo: Petra Bork / Pixelio.de