UOKiK zbadało działalność deweloperów

OCCP-examined-activity-developersAlmost 500 regulations contained in the agreements raised objections Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (OCCP). After examining more than 1.1 thousand. documents, we found that a significant proportion of prospectuses information was not respected by the developers. Inspection was conducted from April to December last year.


In mid-April 2012. The Act came into force for the protection of the rights of the purchaser of a dwelling or single family house. Thus, audit services provided development, is the first of this type, which should show that traders comply with the provisions contained in the agreements.

As reported by the OCCP , analyzed 565 prospectuses, 1162 home sales contract templates, or housing, and in 1239 the actual contracts. Query were 93 przedsiębiorstwa- of which 9 of them are cooperatives engaged in real estate development. 

More details on the audit and reported irregularities, please visit: http://uokik.gov.pl/aktualnosci.php?news_id=10841

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Author: I. Kaczmarek / Kredito24 Photo: Jorma Bork / Pixelio.de