Polscy przedsiębiorcy pracują najdłużej

64943_web_R_K_by_Paul-Georg Meister_pixelio.deA report by the Rzeczpospolita daily shows that it is the Polish entrepreneurs are the busiest social group. At the same time it is the people running their own businesses receive the highest income. The data that were used in the study were prepared by the Central Statistical Office in 2012.

Interestingly, almost one-third of the respondents confirmed that the work devotes up to 50 hours per week. It is emphasized that the fact that this phenomenon is due to an increased sense of responsibility for themselves pursued by the company. Meanwhile, most employees spend at work 40 hours a week.

At the same time, as noted by the portal finanse.wp.pl , the situation may be associated with an increase in the Gross Domestic Product. However, entrepreneurs forgo employment of additional staff, in order to take advantage of favorable market conditions. Thus, the cost of acquiring a new labor force, devote their time to the development of the company, spending much more time at work.

Furthermore, this is reflected in the earnings performance. Among the entrepreneurs pay per person amounted to 1515.50 zł. The families of employees per capita income with a value of 1280.14 zł.

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Author: I. Kaczmarek / Kredito24 Photo: Paul Georg Meister / Pixelio.de