Małe szanse na przyszłoroczną obniżkę VAT-u

Year 2014 will not bring a reduction in VAT – such a conclusion can be drawn after today’s speech by Donald Tusk. According to the prime minister, to talk about the reduction in VAT rates will be able to return until the second half of the year when the results will improve finances and the economy. The Prime Minister, quoted by Virtual Poland adds that at the moment the situation is very unlikely that a prior statement of Deputy Minister Cichon was “overly optimistic” when considering the current situation of the economy and finance, not only Polish, but also in Europe.

For the record it should be mentioned that the Deputy Minister of Finance, J. Cichon asked for the chance to return to the standard rate of VAT at 22% said that the situation is dynamic, and “all the signs in the heavens and the earth indicate that Poland will return to the 22% rate “. Economists believe that the statement of Prime Minister Tusk confirmed what has long been obvious. The budget situation does not currently allow reduction of VAT, as the government would have to raise the other charges. In addition, the situation is complicated by weak economic data. You also can not count on a radical revival.

VAT to the current level was raised to three years through what is called okołobudżetowej Act, which amended the Law on VAT. According to it, the rates were increased to 23 and 8%. Was introduced at the same time completely new, five percent rate for basic foodstuffs. According to the law, in the next 2014 years in the VAT rate to return to the level of 2010 – provided that at the end of 2012 the public debt to GDP does not exceed 55%.

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Author: H.Mikulska / Kredito24 Photo: JMG /